Make-up Prep Essentials


The missing step in your make-up prep

Help your make-up products look their most blended & natural by priming your skin as a base. The best of the prep essentials before make-up is a gentle, leave-on AHA or BHA exfoliant. Besides this #1 step, you can also supplement your routine with a hydrating toner or opt for an SPF moisturiser that enhances your glow.


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  • -15%
    Oily skin
    Blackheads, Enlarged pores

    Mattifies shiny skin

    Great addition to your skincare regime

    Visibly reduces enlarged pores

    Keeps oily skin shine-free for up to 6 hours, while minimising the appearance of pores.

    Silicone, Glycerine
    15% off
    Free shipping
    Travel-size product
    Travel-size product
    All skin types
    Anti-Aging, Very dry skin, Enlarged pores

    Perfect base for makeup

    Fights signs of ageing

    Protects from sun damage

    A primer, serum and SPF-in-one to prepare your skin for makeup.

    Avobenzone, Chamomile Flower Extract, Silicone
    Free shipping
    Travel-size product
    Travel-size product
    All skin types

    Protects from sun damage

    For a natural looking result

    For a radiant, healthy glow

    Keeps lips soft, glossy and young.

    Avobenzone, Lecithin, Vitamin E
    Free shipping
    Travel-size product
    Travel-size product
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Should you do skincare before make-up?

Yes, it is essential to prime your base at the very start of your get ready routine. This means nourishing your skin with replenishing formulas that don't include ingredients research proves to be drying or irritating. Enhancing your skincare routine before make-up can simply be adding a hydrating toner, a non-abrasive chemical exfoliant and of course an SPF moisturiser into your routine, so that your skin has that lit-from-within glow. And if you're wondering how long after skincare can you put on make-up, simply wait 15 minutes for your SPF to set.

The missing step in your make-up prep

We say great skin begins with exfoliation for a reason. AHA & BHA exfoliants gently shed away built-up dead cells on the surface of your skin, revealing the softer and smoother skin texture beneath. Chemical exfoliation in your pre make-up skincare really lays the foundation for flawless application. Another benefit is that sloughing off the surface debris helps prepare skin for make-up by allowing the rest of your skincare to be absorbed more easily. This means maximum hydration for healthy, dewy skin.

How to prepare your skin before make-up: 10 prep essentials

1. Gentle cleanser
2. Oil-absorbing mask (if you have time)
3. Hydrating toner
4. Leave-on exfoliation
5. Smoothing under-eye booster
6. Brightening facial booster
6. SPF moisturiser
7. Blurring SPF primer
8. Wait 15 minutes
9. All your favourite make-up
10. Shine Stopper on top of your foundation

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